KTL Adventures is proud to offer the following activities to Our customers, as part of our programming. Ultimately, we will work with you to select suitable activities and to develop a customized itinerary based on customers' ages, levels of experience, and abilities.


Service Trips / IB CAS


KTL Adventures believes that it’s important to give back to the local communities in which we operate. Towards that end, trip participants are invited and encouraged to take part in service activities, to interact with and experience life from the point of view of local families. In the pasts, participants have taught English in rural schools, engaged in environmental cleanup, planted trees, built playground systems, designed fund-raising events, etc. When possible, we partner with local NGO’s with long-term missions, so that the impact of our programs is positive and long-lasting.


International Award Programs


KTL Adventures is proud to work with a handful of organizations to facilitate the International Award. Our programs are designed with a commitment to professionalism and an adherence to international standards. Please contact us for more information about this outstanding program that has the potential not only to generate a lifelong interest in the outdoors, but also to change the course of one’s life.



A KTL expedition is an adventure, an education and hands-on leadership training. On every KTL expedition, students will develop foundational skills essential to any backcountry experience: leadership, risk management, wilderness medicine, equipment care, ration planning and cooking, navigation, campsite selection, and much more-all by actually performing the skills.

Leadership Skills


In KTL Adventures, we make great effort to integrate leadership education into all of our activities through the whole trip. We aim for the students to not only experience and learn about outdoor skills, but also develop their leadership qualities such as determination, integrity, dedication, creativity, etc through authentic problems that they encounter in wild nature.


We hope that the skills they learnt and applied in the field can be later on used in their social environment, and help them to become leaders in their own communities.